Anza-Borrego Desert: Hellhole Canyon Loop

Rating *****
length 8.6 mile - 6 hour (Loop). Moderate.
Elevation 910 - 3350 feet
Access All cars, on Montezuma Valley Road, 1 mile up the grade, park in the parking area.

Nice but more difficult loop, with much of the scenery Borrego has to offer.

For more photos and descriptions read the Hellhole canyon trail and the California RH Trail (Borrego-Jasper).

As we enter the Hellhole canyon closer to the Maidenhair falls, the hiking gets more difficult. The vegetation gets a lot more dense and some stingy plants (Catclaw).

From year to year the trail is a bit different. With more water (February 2010)
it is slightly more difficult.
Take your time, finding the easiest route, normally this is closer to the stream.

At the Maidenhair falls go back and go over the falls on the right.
(Left hand side of the canyon from Borrego)
A relatively easy climb gets you just above the falls. The vegetation is still rather dense. Stay more to the left hand side of the canyon, we will go further away from the stream.
But conditions will vary from year to year so use your common sense.

Reaching a canyon from the left, with lots of boulders turn left.
Immediately go uphill on the left side of the canyon wall.
This is a bit of a climb, with some gravel and sand, so be careful.

Search for the best way to navigate through the boulders, nothing too difficult.

At point X take the California RH trail to the left, a bit uphill at first, but going all the way down.
This is a nice trail but sometimes a bit steep and slippery.

Fee: Hellhole Canyon requires a parking pass, pay at the parking.

Disclaimer: Read this first before you start your hike. Contact: info/at/borregohiking/./com (leave out the /)
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