Anza-Borrego Desert: Palm Canyon Trail

Rating *****
length 3.3 mile - 2-3 hour (return). Easy.
Elevation 840 - 770 - 1500 feet
Access All Cars, all paved. Start at the Visitor Center parking area, or at the campground (closer) Palm Canyon trailhead.

Start at the Visitor Center, or at the campground.
Follow the well marked trail up to the canyon. At point [trail head] there is a small pond (with endangered Desert Pupfish, Cyprinodon Macularius).
At point [xing] the nature trail heads back on another trial to point [trail head]. Walk towards the palm oasis, the trail ends here.
But it is possible to head on beyond the first palm oasis.
How to get here:

Start at the visitor center. (Used to be Free, but now the fee is the same as at the Palm Canyon trailhead).
Start at the campground, Palm Canyon trail head parking (day use fee, $6 - 2012, $10 - 2017).
For the campground, follow the sign campground (turn right, before you reach the visitor center parking. Next pay the parking fee and follow the trail sign.)

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