Anza-Borrego Desert: Rattlesnake Canyon

Rating *****
length 7.8 mile - 3 hour, 30 minutes (Round trip). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 980 - 2200 feet
Access Park at the parking along the S22 at mile 32. (All cars)

A nice canyon hike up to a waterfall and further up to Rattlesnake spring (more difficult).

The hike is generally marked with cairns, all the way up to the canyon entrance.
The trail markings are for the hike up Villager/Rabbit peak.

Continue in the Rattlesnake canyon wash heading uphill.
The canyon is rough and is heading noticeably uphill. For the first part, a small fall is the only real obstacle along the way, except for the boulders.
A steep dry fall will turn around most hikers.
So turn around now, unless you are an experienced desert hiker.

Warning: Going up the dry fall, or around it is challenging and potentially very dangerous.
If you go further up to Rattlesnake Spring these are the numbers:

Length: 11.6 Mile - 7 hour (Round trip) Moderate/Hard.
Elevation: 980 - 3100 feet.

Going around the fall on the left (north) side is probably the best, but still a challenging option.
Head uphill at the canyon entrance, a short distance from the fall.

Warning: The GPS route is not be accurate enough to steer you in the right direction. Anyway wherever you go, it will be slippery and very steep on the side.

Don't go up too high and go down wherever you think it's safe enough. So don't continue unless you are absolutely sure.
The first point 'Trail' is rather steep and one wrong move equals a long way down. But this is the better route coming back up.
A bit further is probably the best option, it's steep and slippery going down, watch out for cholla.
The rest of the hike is a large boulder hike, but no real other obstacles along the way.
Just follow the wash and keep left at a huge dry fall.

At point 'Out' head out of the canyon, in a small drainage, this marks the easier part of the hike.
There is an actual 'trail' leading towards Rattlesnake Spring.
Rattlesnake Spring is a small watering hole, that's a reliable water source for wildlife.

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