Anza-Borrego Desert: Sheep Canyon

Rating *****
length 9 mile - 4 hour 15 minutes (Return trip). Easy/moderate.
Elevation 1150 - 1720 feet
Access From Borrego Springs, follow the road into Coyote Canyon. In an high clearance vehicle you should be able to make it to the parking most of the time. In a very high clearance car you may get to the Sheep Canyon camp ground.

In February 2010 It was almost impossible to get beyond the gate, because of the mud in third crossing.

The hike is partly along the road, that is part rocky and part sandy.
Later on, the "trail" goes away from the road. This part is mainly loose sand.

We made it to the waterfall, to get there try to stay on the right hand side of the canyon. Just above the waterfall we ended the trail. Trail is a bit of an overstatement, more like boulder climbing, along the stream and some easy parts.
Just past the waterfall it was too slippery (lots of water) and as we had some more hiking days planned, we stopped at that point.

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