Anza-Borrego Desert: Truckhaven Rocks

Rating *****
length 6 mile (loop) - 3 hour, 10 minutes (loop). Easy/Moderate.
Elevation 880 - 2080 feet
Access On the S22, mile 35.5, park roadside.

A hike along the Truckhaven Rocks.

Hike up the small sandy wash. (Aroyo Salado).
The wash goes left of Truckhaven Rocks.
Take the second fork to the right close to the rocks.
Go up the ridge between the two forks, for a better view.
Hike into the first fork, next to the rock.

Now hike up this small wash north.
Some boulders block the wash, but you are able to squeeze along the boulder, further into the wash.
A fork to the right.
Now the canyon walls are lowering, this marks the point where you near the wash on the right.(200 Yards past the fork)
Go out of the wash, on what looks like an old road, over the saddle into the main wash below (easy).

Go back towards the car, for an easy hike back (less than 2 hours).

Or go left (north) and follow the main sandy wash (Aroyo Salado).
There are several forks along the way, Keep in the wash that is easiest to hike in, mostly north.
The wash is more and more filled with rocks and small boulders a good indication, that you are nearing the end.
As the wash ends, follow the animal and hiker tracks up to the saddle/ridge.
On the saddle hike up the small hill for a better view.
The wash in front of you is the Big Wash.

Hike back towards the car.
Once past the rocks, keep right in the wide wash.

This also a good route up Traveler-Palm Peak.

How to get here:

On the S22, mile 35.5, park roadside.
Drive to the west side (Borrogo Springs) of the wide wash, where you find as small sandy wash.

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