Anza-Borrego Desert: Glorietta Canyon Loop

Rating *****
length 5.1 mile, 3 hour (loop). Moderate.
Elevation 870 - 1830 feet
Access Most cars, see below.

Glorietta canyon is well known, but this loop is something different.
Expect rock boulders and a steep climb, so not a casual hike.

Head down the wash and keep as close as possible to the mountains, but not too close, as this will result in crossing numerous rocky washes.
A GPS is essential on this hike and the experience not to blindly follow the GPS route that may have changed, or is off by a couple of hundred feet.

The first stretch goes downhill, navigating around countless, mostly harmless cacti.
Once in the canyon wash expect rocks and boulders. The best place to hike is generally just outside the canyon wash.

Eventually out of the steep terrain, hiking is considerably easier and once in the beaten path of the main Glorietta canyon it's just following the footsteps.

How to get here:
From the Christmas circle, take the S3, shortly after mile 9 turn right.(This is the second road, just past the road that runs next to a small utility building).
A high clearance car is recommended, but normally the road is suitable for most cars.
At the T junction, turn right and follow the road, disregarding the dead-end camping spots.

An older obsolete version of the hike.
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