Clark valley

Clark dry lake is dry most of the year, but it may make the road into Rockhouse canyon inaccessible after rain.
Soon after reaching an quarry, the road turns right and crosses the dry lake, this part may be extremely tricky when wet.

After that expect a rough ride until you hit the sand, now a 4x4 may be essential.
The road forks, the left to Butler canyon and the other up to Rockhouse canyon.
This road used to be pretty good up to 2014, now it's a serious obstacle just after fork.
Don't underestimate this road, it's fairly easy to seriously damage the underside of your car.

Butler canyon OK 4x4 9.5 mile 3 hour 50 minutes Moderate 2009
Butler canyon Hidden spring loop OK 4x4 10 mile 4 hour 10 minutes Easy/Moderate 2011
Clark dry lake loop 9.8 mile 4 hour 15 minutes Easy 2017
Clark Valley Pictographs 4.4 mile 2 hour or less Easy 2014
Coyote mountain loop 6 mile 3 hour 15 minutes Moderate 2017
Coyote peak 12 mile 6 hour 5 minutes Moderate 2014
Little Clark dry lake loop 6.5 mile 3 hour 15 minutes Easy/Moderate 2017
Lute Fault Scarp 5.4 mile 2 hour 15 minutes Easy 2014
Rattlesnake Lute Fault loop 6.8 mile 3 hour Easy/Moderate 2019
North of Clark dry lake loop 4x4 9.4 mile 5 hour 45 minutes Moderate 2020
North Coyote Mountain Loop 4x4 6.1 mile 4 hour Moderate rocks 2020
Rockhouse canyon 4x4 13.4 mile 5 hour 30 minutes Easy/Moderate 2012
Rockhouse trail - Cheesebush Canyon 4x4 6.4 mile 3 hour 30 minutes Easy/Hard 2015
Rockhouse Trail East Loop 4x4 5.4 mile 3 hour 10 minutes Moderate (boulders) 2015

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