Hiking Trails - Anza Borrego

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Complete map This map shows all hikes in the and around the Anza Borrego Desert.
Coyote canyon Coyote canyon north of Borrego Springs.
Follow Di Gorgio Rd.

Alcoholic pass, Ash wash, Box canyon, Cougar canyon, Collins valley, Coyote creek, First crossing, Galletta meadows, Henderson canyon, Horse camp, Lower willows, Middle willows, Ocotillo flat, Salvador canyon, Second crossing, Sheep canyon, Third crossing.
Clark valley north/east of Borrego Springs.

Butler canyon, Clark dry lake, Coyote mountain, Little Clak dry lake, Lute fault scarp, Rockhouse canyon, Jackass flat.
North of Hwy S22, east of Borrego Springs.
Follow the S22 East, Borrego Salton Seaway.
Hikes are north of the road.

Arroyo salado, Calcite mine, Coachwhip wash, Ella wash, Grave wash, Joshua canyon, North Palm wash, Palm wash, Palo verde wash, Rattlesnake canyon, Smoketree canyon, Travertine palms, Truckhaven rocks, Villager peak, Wonderstone wash.
Between the S22 East, Borrego Salton Seaway.
and Highway 78 East.

1 Palm, 5 Palms, 17 Palms, Ant hill, Arroyo salado, Artesian well, Big wash, Blow sand canyon, Borrego Badlands, Borrego Mountains, Fault wash, Fonts point, Gas Domes, Hawk canyon, Hills of the moon, Inspiration point, Malpais, Pumpkin patch, Rainbow wash, Slot canyon, San Felipe creek, San Sebastian marsh, Short wash, Tarantula wash, The Slot, Third wash, Thimble trail, West butte.
South of the Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs.
South and West of the S3.
The S3 leads up to the Yaqui Pass.

Glorietta canyon, Yaqui Meadows, Yaqui Ridge.
West of Borrego springs.
Winding up the Montezuma Hwy up to Ranchita and further.

Barrel spring, Big spring, California riding and hiking, Chief rain in the face, Chimney rock, Culp valley, Eagle rock, Flat cat canyon, Hellhole canyon, Indian head, Jasper trail, Little surprise canyon, Palm canyon, Pacific crest trail, Pena spring, Pinyon spring, The Slab, The Thimble peak, Tubb canyon, Wilson trail.
South west of Borrego springs.
Grapevine Canyon lies north of Hwy 78 and south of the S22.

Angelina spring, Barrel spring, Bitter creek, California riding and hiking, Grapevine peak, Pacific crest trail, Wilson trail.
South of Hwy 78.

Alma wash, Bighorn canyon, Chuckwalla wash, Harper canyon, Kenyon cove, Kumeyaay village, Lizard wash, Mine wash, Narrows earth, Nolina canyon, Perpendicular bluff, Pinyon canyon/wash, Plum canyon, Quarz vein wash, Sentenac canyon, Sunset wash.
South of Ocotillo Wells, take the Split Mountain Rd.
Follow the Fish Creek Wash (high clearance and/or AWD)

Blackwood basin, Cairn wash, Camels head wash, Coral wash, Dieguenos wash, Diablo droppoff, Elephant knees, Fish Creek mountain, Jigsaw wash, Layer cake wash, Loop wash, Lycium wash, Mud palisades, No return canyon, Oyster shell wash, Pirate wash, Sandstone canyon, Wind caves, Gypsum peak.
South of scissors crossing along the S2 and from Julian along the S1.
Including the Vallecito County Park.

Banner, Blair valley, Box canyon, Chariot mountain, California riding and hiking, Cool canyon, Fages monument, Pacific crest trail, Felden deposit, Ghost mountain, Granite mountain, Hawi Vallecito, Hornblende canyon, Kwaaymi point, Little blair valley, Marshal south, Mine wash, Morteros, Mine wash, Oriflamme canyon, Pinyon wash, Rodrigues canyon, Storm canyon, The Potrero Rainbow canyon, The Squeeze, Smuggler canyon, Whale peak.
South of the Vallecito County Park.
Up to the Carrizo Creek.

Arroyo Hueso, Arroyo Seco del Diablo, Bisnaga Alta, Bisnaga wash, Bow Willow, Diablo canyon, Dieguenos wash, Gert wash, Indian valley, Inner pastures, June wash, Tapiado wash, Marsh canyon, Moonlight canyon, Mud caves, Mountain Palm springs, Palm spring, Rockhouse canyon, Smuggler canyon, Sombrero peak, Squaw canyon, Torote canyon, Vallecito canyon, View of the badlands wash.
South of the Carrizo Creek.
Up to Sweeny Pass and Ocotillo.

Andrade canyon, Carrizo creek, Dolomite mine, Domelands, Fossil canyon, Gert wash, Goat canyon, Jim canyon, Jojoba wash, Jucumba canyon, Mortero Palms, Rockhouse canyon, Sin Nombre, Sweeney pass, Trestle, Volcanic hills, Wind caves.
North west part of the park.
This area is in or just outside the park boundary.
It's covered with denser vegetation, so hiking is mostly limited to established trails.

Combs peak, Lost Valley, Pacific crest trail, Thule canyon, Warner springs.
Complete map This map shows all dirt roads in the and around the Anza Borrego Desert.