Coyote canyon

Di Giorgio RD, turns into a dirt road that heads further into Coyote canyon.
Up to first crossing the road may be accessible for most cars.
First crossing may be a small creek or dry.
Second crossing is mostly wet, but not very deep and should be easy to cross in an 4x4.
Just before Third crossing the road is seasonally closed (Summer).

At this point you find a small parking. A bit rougher road leads a little bit further to third crossing.
Depending on the weather this may be a swamp, difficult to cross, or almost dry and very easy cross.
Just past the Third crossing the road is called the by-pass road or boulder alley.
As the latter name suggest a rather steep bouldery road, only accessible for those with enough ground clearance and traction.
Just beyond the by-pass road, the road is rather easy to drive again and heads to popular destinations, like Sheep Canyon and Middle Willows.

Alcoholic Pass trail OK 7.6 mile 3 hour 30 minutes Easy/Moderate
Alcoholic pass loop 3 3.8 mile 2 hour 20 minutes Moderate 2013
Ash wash loop 5 mile 2 hour 30 minutes Moderate 2016
Box canyon trail OK 4x4 9.4 mile 4 hour 15 minutes Moderate
Box canyon - Coyote canyon loop OK 4x4 7.5 mile 3 hour 40 minutes Moderate 2011
Box canyon east fork loop 4x4 5.2 mile 3 hour 10 minutes Moderate 2013
Cougar canyon trail 4x4 9.7 mile 4 hour 45 minutes Moderate
Collins valley - Box Canyon Dry lake 4x4 5.9 mile 4 hour 5 minutes Moderate 2016
First-Second-Third Crossing 4.2 mile 2 hour 40 minutes Easy 2014
First to Zero Crossing 5.5 mile 2 hour Easy 2017
First Crossing loop 3.6 mile 2 hour 15 minutes Easy/Moderate 2015
Henderson canyon 8 mile 4 hour 5 minutes Easy/Moderate 2013
Horse camp canyon 5 mile 2 hour 50 minutes Easy/Moderate 2017
Lower willows- Box canyon - Butler canyon - Alcoholic 4x4 15 mile 6 hour 5 minutes Moderate 2016
Lower willows trail OK 4x4 4.1 mile 2 hour Easy
Middle - Upper Willows OK 4x4 3 mile 3 hour 30 minutes Easy/Moderate 2015
North of Henderson canyon 5.8 mile 4 hour Moderate 2017
Salvador canyon palms 4x4 11.8 mile 5 hour 15 minutes Easy/Moderate 2012
Salvador Canyon Middle Willows 4x4 14 mile 6 hour 20 minutes Moderate 2017
Sheep canyon 4x4 9 mile 4 hour 15 minutes Easy/Moderate
Third Crossing Wash 4x4 6.4 mile 4 hour Easy/Moderate 2015
Third Crossing Wash Loop 4x4 4.7 mile 2 hour 30 minutes Easy/Moderate 2015

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